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May. 14th, 2017 06:17 pm
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Preferred Alias: Adam Parrish

Worst Job(s) Held: Gansey's whipping boy, shitbox driver, Aglionby lackey.
Best Job(s) Held: Magician, forest intern, Henrietta's Handsomest Mechanic, supernatural landscaper, evil mastermind, dream babysitter, dog petter, put upon fucking secretary, shopping cart racer, & giver of facts both useless and otherwise. My current skills are: being extremely boring, hardcore scrying, looking hot while covered in grease, and talking to trees.
Fantasy Job(s): Rich asshole who owns more than one automatic german monstrosity.

Current Job(s): Looking for another ten thousand jobs because I don't know when to stop.

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[ Then, a minute or two later the whole thing comes with an update. ]

I didn't mean to post that.

[ God fucking damn it, Ronan Lynch. ]
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Preferred Alias: Jaden

Worst Job(s) Held: real life mannequin; pool cleaner (you have no idea how gross people are, on several levels); bounty hunter; werewolf (not sure it counts, but it sure as hell feels like a job)

Best Job(s) Held: tailoring intern; spelling bee champion (my mother considered it a real job. my allowance was based on where i placed); big brother; football player (high school, so not technically a job)

Fantasy Job(s): middle linebacker for the New England Patriots

Current Job(s): still a bounty hunter, I guess, although I've not had any work since arriving here. If you're looking for someone to perform a job for you, I am available. I guess, if you really need a suit done, I can look into that, too. I'd rather not.

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Preferred Alias: Mandy

Worst Job(s) Held: Lounge performer at a crappy little dive in New York. I don't mind going home smelling of smoke and booze mind, but when your audience primarily consists of boring straight men, you really should be getting paid far more than I was for the indignity.
Best Job(s) Held: Mistress of Ceremonies at The Sombrero, a drag club in Kensington. It was beautiful. I don't see much of my past with rose tinted glasses these days, but that's one place I'll always remember fondly.
Fantasy Job(s): There was a time when I wanted to be an actress. Even knowing now that that life is certainly not as glamorous as it seems on the outside, I guess I'd still like to at least give it a shot. It would be nice to be in the spotlight all on my own, at least.

Current Job(s): Nothing at present. I still fancy myself a fairly decent seamstress, if anyone's looking to have something repaired or made some place besides that little shop we have at the moment. I worked quite a lot with sequins and other sparkly things in the past, but I used to be very good at working magic with whatever I had at hand.

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Preferred Alias: Vanyel

Worst Job(s) Held: It's a toss-up between stable boy and fisherman. Guarding caravans had its moments as well.
Best Job(s) Held: Adventurer, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold. I enjoyed running my pub in Eudio, too. Oh! And fatherhood, though that probably isn't the sort of job this is talking about...
Fantasy Job(s): Arch-Mage is? was? more or less it, though I admittedly wasn't thinking of Winterhold necessarily.

Current Job(s): Nothing much, as of yet. I wouldn't mind running another pub, but without knowing how much time I could actually devote to it...

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Characters: Will Solace and whoever
Summary: The many talents of a one Will Solace in action at various places
Date(s): After the second wave of new arrivals
Warnings/Notes: Will contain one closed eventual NSFW thread!

A few open prompts and one closed! )
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Characters: alec lightwood-bane and you!
Summary: some adventuring, some training, some planning.
Date(s): catch all for july.
Warnings/Notes: if you want a starter from me don't hesitate to contact me at [plurk.com profile] midworld! you can also simply prompt alec with anything whenever or hit up his inbox.

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[ there's a beach behind him and a beachhouse ( vex's to be specific ), and it's where he's standing as he digs his toes into the sand. on his wrist ( though unseen ), ]

Guess I have a few people to apologize to. Sorry I'm late. By the way, I think I'm going to throw a party. Someone's birthday got missed and I want to make it up to him. Thing is, I'm not great at this kind of thing, so... suggestions are appreciated.

And I guess I should say who I am, considering this isn't "home." [ meaning, eudio. ] I'm Nico di Angelo. Son of Hades. And this- [ the feed jostles. ] -is Quothed.
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Preferred Alias: Farraige.

Worst Job(s) Held: Cleaning chemistry labs after school. At least I could cheat a little to make the work easier, but you'd think some of these clowns never handled staining liquids in their lives. Least of all the gum everywhere.
Best Job(s) Held: Being a wizard. I got to ride on water, see the world, maybe play the hero once in awhile. It was all pretty fun, given the circumstances I had to work with.
Fantasy Job(s): Marine Biologist. I've loved the ocean for as long as I can remember. It's always fascinated me and I always feel most comfortable near the water. Honestly I'd probably lose myself in some research project given the chance. And hey, I can manipulate water for some deep diving. Who better to see something like the Mariana Trench than yours truly?

Current Job(s): Nothing, really. I guess I could put my magic to good use here somewhere. Or if you want the comedic stylings of some puns, though some of you out there might find those a bit too pun-ishing.

Ask Me Anything!

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Preferred Alias: Era Ra

Worst Job(s) Held: Hunting in the highlands of Coerthas.

Best Job(s) Held: Being an adventurer.

Fantasy Job(s): I am happy with the jobs I currently have, but I have heard rumour of mages in red and would like to learn their arts.

Current Job(s): I am an adventurer, a Scholar, Summoner, White Mage, Astrologian, Paladin, Black Mage, Ninja, Dragoon, Bard, Monk, Marauder, Culinarian, Alchemist, Armorer, Blacksmith, Weaver, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Miner, Fisher, and Botanist. I am only a master in a small selection of these jobs however. In terms of non-combat skills my best are goldsmithing, leatherworking, and botany. My best combat skills are those based on the magical arts, particularly healing.

I also hunt elite marks for the Grand Companies and the Centurios. I am a First Lieutenant within the Eorzean Grand Companies, and a Scion of the Seventh Dawn.

If anyone has need for any of my skills I am happy to assist you.

Ask Me Anything!

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Preferred Alias: Rosie

Worst Job(s) Held: I'd say 'Gladiator' but that wasn't really a job since I wasn't the one getting the fight winnings. L A M E. So, I'm gonna have to go with working at a hostess club. And for those of you not in the know, that's a job where women are rented by (usually middle-aged) men for an evening. You pretend to be their girlfriend or wife or mistress or whatever. It could be fun, but most of the time was just kind of sad.

Best Job(s) Held: Roadie. DJ at Pandemonium. Anything that had to do with music, I was all about. Also, I really liked waitressing even for as thankless as it could be at times.

Fantasy Job(s): DJ was pretty much it. A pilot, I guess, would be awesome since I've always wanted to be able to fly.

Current Job(s): Unemployed bum. Dog watcher? I have eight, someone's got to look after them.

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Preferred Alias: Magnus Lightwood-Bane

Worst Job(s) Held: That might be a toss-up between escorting a ship full of animal droppings through enemy waters and nearly anything involving politics. At least the former was a one-way trip (to the bottom of the ocean, but nonetheless). I got less muck on my shoes, too.

Best Job(s) Held: Transportation adviser to the queen of France. Club owner in multiple universes. I did a brief turn as a private investigator, trench coat and all. Oh, speakeasy operator! No trench coat for that one.

Fantasy Job(s): Perhaps one day I'll open a night club in outer space...

Current Job(s): High warlock. Until recently, club owner. Baked good taste tester. I also work full-time as one half of the Lightwood-Bane Coalition for Uninterrupted Date Nights.

Ask Me Anything!

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Preferred Alias: Amanda Perry

Worst Job(s) Held: Every bit of consulting work I did before I was discovered by the military for businesses and projects I had absolutely no interest in. They all sort of blurred together.
Best Job(s) Held: Consulting software engineer for a project designing a new generation of FTL drives.
Fantasy Job(s): I guess probably still an astronaut.

Current Job(s): Nothing here yet, the last job I had was a consultant and show designer at a planetarium.

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Preferred Alias: Arthur Stuart

Worst Job Held: Student
Best Job Held: Flatmate/roadie for a glam rock band.
Fantasy Job: Writing the music review column in a newspaper.

Current Job: Looking for a job.

Ask Me Anything!

[ooc: I'm not entirely convinced I did this correctly; questions/comments can be directed towards [plurk.com profile] colorilluminates!]
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Characters: Second wave of Xistentia arrivals, greeters/rescuers
Summary: The second wave of characters arrive in Xistentia unexpectedly early... only to face an unexpected threat. D.E.S.T.I.N.Y.'s multiversal attack is disrupting the energy flow, causing a very unusual stampede— of will-o'-wisps, that lure travelers off their path with thoughts. It's up to the residents of Xistentia to help the newcomers!
Date(s): Mid-June 2017
Warnings/Notes: Coercive magic, collisions, moderate injury, dystopian themes

Wisp Mini-Event & Crash #2
Wish you were here. Love comes in waves
Wisp Mini-Event & Crash Log #2 )
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Preferred Alias: Axel Johnson

Worst Job(s) Held: Money laundering for gangsters in the 1940s
Best Job(s) Held: Co-owner @ Level Up Consulting
Fantasy Job(s): Space cowboy accountant

Current Job(s): Stressing about being unemployed for first time in 76 years!

Ask Me Anything!

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Characters: Joseph Kavinsky & whoever wants in! Currently just a beleaugered grandmother!
Summary: Trolls gonna troll, even after the apocalypse— especially after the apocalypse. Will write starters in comments, the entry is empty. Feel free to PP or PM me if you want something particular.
Date(s): Catch-all for the foreseeable future
Warnings/Notes: Character carries a general warning for offensive language (racist, homophobic, sexist language, rude remarks about consent), as well as mental illness and drug use.

'cause it doesn't remind me of anything )
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[ The video opens to Ronan, sitting in a high-backed chair. He makes a motion towards the camera, and the shot changes to an aerial view of what looks very much like a library, books to the rafters, vines and tree branches gently curling around shelf upon shelf. The light is dusty, but natural. Chainsawd swoops back down, settling once more in front of Ronan, filming him.

It's obvious he's not alone - there's a shoulder against his, and he's leaning against whoever is sitting next to him in what seems like obvious habit of sharing space. On his lap, Ronan has a large volume open, the pages yellowed and crinkly with age. He doesn't smile as he looks at the camera, but he looks sort of relaxed.

Without much introduction, Ronan looks down, and starts reading, his voice nuanced; he has the tone and rhythm of someone used to telling stories. ]

Now when Sarpedon saw his comrades, men who wore ungirdled tunics, being overcome by Patroclus, son of Menoetius, he rebuked the Lycians, saying, "Shame on you, where are you flying to? Show your mettle;
I will myself meet this man in fight and learn who it is that is so masterful; he has done us much hurt, and has stretched many a brave man upon the ground."

He sprang from his chariot as he spoke, and Patroclus, when he saw this, leaped on to the ground also. The two then rushed at one another with loud cries like eagle-beaked crook-taloned vultures that scream and tear at one another in some high mountain fastness.

The son of scheming Saturn looked down upon them in pity and said to Juno who was his wife and sister, "Alas, that it should be the lot of Sarpedon whom I love so dearly to perish by the hand of Patroclus. I am in two minds whether to catch him up out of the fight and set him down safe and sound in the fertile land of Lycia, or to let him now fall by the hand of the son of Menoetius."

[ He took his time, reading. It was a book he loved, after all - and he always wanted to give it the recognition it deserved. On screen, Adam's face was visible, now, as he leaned closer to read, too, his chin almost hooked on Ronan's shoulder. Sometimes, you could see him glance fondly at Ronan. ]

And Juno answered, "Most dread son of Saturn, what is this that you are saying? Would you snatch a mortal man, whose doom has long been fated, out of the jaws of death? Do as you will, but we shall not all of us be of your mind. I say further, and lay my saying to your heart, that if you send Sarpedon safely to his own home, some other of the gods will be also wanting to escort his son out of battle, for there are many sons of gods fighting round the city of Troy, and you will make every one jealous. If, however, you are fond of him and pity him, let him indeed fall by the hand of Patroclus, but as soon as the life is gone out of him, send Death and sweet Sleep to bear him off the field and take him to the broad lands of Lycia, where his brothers and his kinsmen will bury him with mound and pillar, in due honor to the dead."

The sire of gods and men assented, but he shed a rain of blood upon the earth in honor of his son whom Patroclus was about to kill on the rich plain of Troy far from his home.

[ Ronan finally looked up, an eyebrow raised at the camera. ]

Now, children, I know my dulcet tones have probably lulled you to sleep with this epic tale of heroism, but who can tell me - what's this book I'm reading from?


Jun. 18th, 2017 01:52 pm
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Characters: Vex & you
Summary: It's been 20 days since Vex arrived in Xistentia, and nobody has seen or heard from Mark in all this time (for you animal-types, his scent is completely faded from Vex by now). It may be time to broach the subject or just hang out with the obviously in-denial fae. If you're a stranger to Vex, or don't know him that well, you may want chill with him on his beach-view porch, he's got cold beers. Ping [plurk.com profile] thefacelessevil if you want a special starter.
Date(s): June 18th, or dates approximately around then.
Warnings/Notes: death is a prevalent subject, I'll update with anything else.

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Characters: All characters who opt in
Summary: A party to mark the first wave of incoming characters in Xistentia, punctuated with weird physics and an unexpected trip to the heart (or mind) of F.A.T.E.S.
Date(s): Late May 2017
Warnings/Notes: Sexual content and other potentially offensive or triggering material to be noted in headers.

Mix and Mingle
Landmarks of Xistentia
Mingle Log #1 )

What's happened has happened poisons poured into the seas cannot be drained out again, but everything changes.