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May. 14th, 2017 06:17 pm
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[ The voice that comes out is low and rich, disguised as a gentleman. ]

So we are all here to "save the world". I don't suppose anyone has any idea on how to do that? Or better yet, how far along we are in terms of saving it? 30%? Though I imagine I am being generous with that number.

Alternatively, what do you do all day, bereft of a home?
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[ it's Era! and she's ready for another info-dump - this time with a lot of text instead to spare her vocal cords.

She's incredibly petite, and she doesn't have ears but horns instead - they're quite clearly attached to her head where someone's ears would normally be. Pale scales line her skin in various places, most noticeably on the forearms, neck, forehead, cheeks, and the bridge of her nose.

When she speaks her voice is soft and quiet, but with a steel to it that demands attention and resepct. ]

Hello, I am Era Ra and I am not from any version of the planet 'Earth'. I am an Au Ra whose home is the region of Eorzea on the planet of Hydaelyn.

I made a video lesson two moons ago with some basic information about mine and Aymeric's home world, and Emeraldd shall include a 'link' to the recording... [ she falters, unfamiliar with how this 'linking' of 'files' works. ] ...Somewhere in this post, I believe?

[ and Emeraldd does indeed include an attached file here: tldr101. ]

TL;DR another Eorzea info-dump )

((ooc: again, if any of this is not 100% lore-accurate pretend that it is. bc Era is a smartypants and I am not. and I also don't have the Encyclopedia Eorzea yet for referencing. q_q))
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[ Here is a closeup shot of a bright, happy smile and an even brighter pair of baby blues. ]

Hey guys what's up, this is your resident Badass Werewolf Wyatt, checking in! I know it's been a while, and I know you missed me, but I am here to make up for it you guys. How, you may ask?!

[ He spreads his hands, which is evidently a signal for Hunterd to back up and show off a wider angle. Visible on screen now is Wyatt, unwisely shirtless in this decidedly colder weather, in the middle of the forest. With both hands, he points down, and Hunterd lowers the camera to reveal - ]

Baby animals, o-b-v!

[ Well, one baby animal. A knee-height green-backed bison calf, which is currently on its hind legs, pawing at Wyatt's legs. He crouches down to put his arms around it, and it settles when he starts to rub its tiny not quite horns. ]

Maximus here has no mom. Or, he does, but she rejected him, for whatever reason. My guess is, he's too small. Anyway, he's mine now, which means I need your guys' help. [ Deep breaths. ] I need to milk a space cow.

[ Wyatt pauses. No doubt tumbleweeds blow by in the distance. He holds up his hand, clearly anticipating everyone's outright refusal. ]

I know what you're thinking. How will you, a werewolf, get that close to a space cow, Wyatt? Well, funny story. This is how that went.

[ He points to one wide, and the screen splits in two. On one side is Wyatt in real time, pointing. On the other is a wide angle recording of Wyatt sneaking up on a herd of bison, and making several failed attempts to milk the largest of them. Each attempt ends with the herd running, with Wyatt being kicked away, or - at the very end - the mother turning and physically chasing him off. He starts those attempts out fully dressed. By the end, his shirt is in rags, and he's evidently gotten rid of it now. The split screen vanishes and Hunterd refocuses on Wyatt in the now. ]

So! Who wants to help me get milk? I'll pay you in good wishes. And I'll let you pet Max. [ The baby bison has climbed right up into his arms by now, and is eyeing the camera with suspicion. Wyatt offers up a winning smile. ]

Now taking volunteers! Sign up in the comments below, I'll be waiting.
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Does anyone have the power that makes uncool people cool? Cause that would be cool.

I need to know -- for Science.

And I'm sort of asking for a friend.

[ Yeah, Science for a friend, that's it. ]
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Characters: Aric Dominija & You
Summary: A general open post of random things at random places with random people -- or not so random.
Date(s): October
Warnings/Notes: Nothing really, I think! Keep an eye on headers!

Have you lost your mind? )
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Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, and you!
Summary: Bucky gets dumped (into the ocean)
Date(s): October 10th
Warnings/Notes: Feelings

Wave after wave )
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[Will opens the video with his usual friendly smile, his guitar in his lap and his arms draped and dangling lazily over the side of it as he taps out an idle rhythm with his fingers.]

So I have a few things I was thinking about and was hoping people might be able to help me with some of them.

The first thing I was thinking of is if anyone else here plays any instruments? Or even sings? [Will gives a playful, single strum of his guitar with a grin.] I know at least one person here besides me does. [He's looking at you, Rose.] I was just thinking about how all my siblings had at least some talent with musical instruments and we would often lead the campfire singalongs back at the camp where I live or we would just mess around and jam in the Apollo cabin. I'm starting to really miss it so I thought it might be fun if people wanted to get together and just jam together some times.

The other thing was if anyone's any good at working with metal? I have a few things I'd like to build but I definitely don't have any talent for it.
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Greetings citizens of Xistentia, I come to you under the mask of anonymity to ask a question:

If there were a seedy underbelly where one could purchase things that usually exist in a legal grey area, where could it be found?
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Characters: Clary Fray, Jace Herondale, and you.
Summary: The fightiest of children return from their canon update a little worse for wear.
Date(s): 08/10
Warnings/Notes: Spoilers for Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 20: Beside Still Water. Blood, wounds. Talk of murder and death. Also a whole load of schmoop.

did you see the fear in my heart? did you see me bleeding out? )
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[None of this is familiar to Kurt.

The last thing he remembers was a misstep in the Danger Room, falling toward (possible) certain doom and then a portal. Waking in an ocean wasn't something he'd planned for, gaining this strange thing called a 'daemon' isn't either, but most of all: he's certainly going to do everything in his power to avoid all this rain.

Seeking shelter wherever possible? There won't be any hesitation on this guy's end.]

so, is this downpour normal here?
i've been to places where it rains a lot, but honestly, this almost seems a little ridiculous.

[Guess he's never been to Washington.]

oh, and if anyone could give me more detailed information about this place, i'd greatly appreciate it. the map's helpful, yet ... [It's not a complaint, honestly!]

this is just definitely not new york
nor any place that i'm familiar with
which prompts me to ask: if i were to say 'mutant,' what is the first thing that would come to mind for you?
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[ Rafa is sitting on a countertop bar, his legs dangling. The camera is looking up at him. For now, the rest of the room is obscure. He's smiling. His suit is slightly damp and his hair has been pulled back to keep it out of his face. ]

Hello. My name is Rafa, and I have some news.

First, to those who have just joined us, welcome. Many here will know that I am a vampire. This is not a secret, and the new faces among us should know it too. If the word is unfamiliar to you, what matters is this: vampires drink blood. We need it to live. Many fear us because of this. Some of you spent time with me in the land called Eudio, where synthetic blood was given to my people. That is not an option here.

I come with an answer, I hope. A friend of mine has made a machine.

[ He pats the device sitting beside him. It looks something like a filter coffee machine; slightly bigger, and with more openings. ]

It clones bags of blood to create more. If you are not a vampire, then I ask if you would donate. One pint is all I need, and I can replicate it indefinitely.

For those of you that need this, as I do, I ask you to come to me. I will give you what you need, and none here will have to fear us.

Either way, I would be glad to see you. But even if you do not donate, and do not want my help, I would welcome you to this bar.

[ Rafa slides off the counter and waves his hand. His obedient daemon turns, and the camera now takes in the whole room. The bar area is filled with bottles of alcohol, as many varieties as Rafa had been able to find. There are booths with soft chairs, and dim lighting. Xistentia's foliage has been cleared away, and the whole place has been redecorated in shades of black, dark blue and purple. Rafa's own navy blue suit matches nicely. He comes back into view. ]

I grew rather good at making cocktails in Eudio. I find I miss it, and mean to continue. I am calling it The Coven. Cliched, I know, but it makes me feel at home. Come and shelter from the rain, if you will. I have plenty of space.
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Hullo, everyone. It's been a while--I meant to do this earlier, but didn't get round to it. My apologies. Without further ado, a press release of sorts:

The weather is miserable, but it's warm and dry inside at Mandy's Masquerade. Featuring the vivacious and charismatic Mandy Slade as mistress of ceremonies, we're located centrally and accept varied payment--but shelter is free. If the lights are on, we're there; pop in for a pint and some conversation today.
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Characters: Vanyel and any others who signed up here! Feel free to use the CR meme to plot.
Summary: During the late-summer fair, Vanyel acquired a means to create a map, which in turned showed the existence of an island that no one has seen, despite flyovers and long-distance scanning. He has now organized a party to explore it. This log is for casual interaction, camping, and hiking, as well as mod-run plot factors that may affect the "war."
Date(s): October 5-8
Warnings/Notes: Potential minor injury, booby traps, etc.

Dead winds' and spent waves' riot
Blackavar Island )
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Characters: Darlene Alderson & You!!
Summary: Darlene gets herself settled into Xistentia! Basically an open log post for the month of October. Come build a little CR with me!
Date(s): October
Warnings/Notes: Nothing currently, but check subject headers for any changes.

My breathing code is binary )
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Preferred Alias: Mikaela Hyakuya

Favorite Place Traveled: Shinjuku
Reason for Travel: Destroy the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and find Yuuichrou Hyakuya
Memorable Memory: Being reunited with his Yuu-chan

Least Favorite Place Traveled: America
Reason for Travel: Destroying a Seraph of the End.
Memorable Memory: The creature begging to be killed

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