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May. 14th, 2017 06:17 pm
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Characters: Era Ra & Amanda Perry & OPEN
Summary: beautiful ladies sunbathing ok come join
Date(s): 08/24
Warnings/Notes: n/a unless bikinis count!

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Bad Blood

Aug. 19th, 2017 07:57 pm
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Characters: Rafa and Kavinsky
Summary: Rafa makes a vampire out of Kavinsky.
Date(s): 19 August (evening)
Warnings/Notes: Blood, vampire biting/turning, bad language, sexual themes. Kavinsky in general. Proceed with caution!

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Preferred Alias: Thom Creed
  1. I once came out as gay during a press release that was being broadcast to the whole world.
  2. I got legally banned from driving.
  3. I once beat a whole team of supervillains by myself.
One Of These Is A Lie
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[ surprise! it's Era again, using something other than text for the first time ever on the network. She is staring intently directly at the camera and with an inquiring look sent its (Emeraldd's) way.

She's incredibly petite, and she wasn't lying when she said she had horns - they're quite clearly attached to her head in place of ears. Pale scales line her skin in various places, most noticeably on the forearms, neck, forehead, cheeks, and the bridge of her nose.

When she speaks her voice is more alto than soprano by far; soft, but not too quiet.* It is definitely the voice of a fully grown woman despite her stature. ]

Hello, I am Era Ra and I am not from any version of the planet 'Earth'. I am an Au Ra whose home is the continent of Eorzea on the planet of Hydaelyn.

[ she places a map (sans translation overlays of course) in front of the camera. she points out each place as she speaks of them: ]

Hydaelyn has three Great Continents: Aldenard, Othard, and Ilsabard. Eorzea makes up a majority of Aldenard and its outlying islands. Currently Eorzea has four city-states: Limsa Lominsa in La Noscea on the island of Vylbrand, Gridania in the Black Shroud, Ul'dah in Thanalan, and Ishgard in Coerthas. Together these city-states form the Eorzean Alliance.

tl;dr eorzea 101 on major cities & races )
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Preferred Alias: Aymeric de Borel
  1. I am the leader of a city-state.
  2. I prefer my tea plain.
  3. My favorite color is blue.
One Of These Is A Lie
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[ If you were to see how this came about, you might be amused. Turns out Adam Parrish, wanting revenge from the Employment AMA network post, has decided to take over Chainsawd while Ronan is in the bathroom.

It's the work of a few minutes. He's stealthy. ]


Preferred Alias: Ronan Lynch; the Greywaren
  1. I coo over baby goats in tiny sweaters when I think there's no one around to see.
  2. I own more t-shirts than the gap, but I wear the same shredded one every day because I think it makes me look like a badass
  3. My tattoo is designed to be dangerous and full of claws, and beaks, and thorns (but the flowers are my boyfriend's favourite part)
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: Clary
  1. When I was 13, I went to school picture day dressed as Sailor Moon.
  2. I've thrown up on Joss Whedon's shoes at a comic convention.
  3. I was given a month's worth of detention for filling a volcano full of glitter and sequins in science class and then letting it explode.
One Of These Is A Lie
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Characters: Ronan Lynch, Magnus Bane, Adam Parrish, Arthur Stuart, Jace Wayland
Summary: building a forest; meeting up for post-event debriefs; chance encounters; grooming
Date(s): Post August 12th
Warnings/Notes: maybe some heavy petting possibly at some point but otherwise nothing! I will update if necessary.

Top levels will be in comments!
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Preferred Alias: Nico di Angelo
  1. I'm 19 years old.
  2. I lost my virginity to a faerie.
  3. My boyfriend sometimes glows in the dark.
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: Arthur
  1. The first album I bought with my own money was The Ratz(*).
  2. I lost my virginity in a four-way.
  3. I'm a bit fussy about my tea.
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: Murphy
  1. I've been on death row.
  2. I lived in space for a while.
  3. I was born in Washington DC.
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: Mandy
  1. I went to nearly all the major cities in Europe, the United States, and Asia within a three year period.
  2. I once had to climb out a window to avoid being forcefully committed after I was caught in flagrante delicto with another woman.
  3. I've been married three times. You know what they say about the definition of insanity
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: Era
  1. I dislike excessive heat.
  2. I have no ears.
  3. I have experienced countless deaths.
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: Amanda
  1. I hate jello
  2. I once broke someone else's big toe
  3. I can write with my mouth
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: Death
  1. I have lived for over 2 millennia.
  2. I can never die.
  3. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli is my favorite book.
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: Rosie
  1. I once danced with Maroon 5.
  2. I'm over three hundred years old.
  3. I have two boyfriends!!! (●♡∀♡)
One Of These Is A Lie
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[ Wyatt had tried typing on Hunterd's weird light-based keyboard for all of about eight seconds, before he got tired of that and turned the camera on instead. It's late, there's a hole in his side, and he has things he needs to do. He's wearing a hospital gown, and he's clean. He also looks strangely healthy for a patient, a result of his real powers coming back in full force. ]

What is up, my people. I'm Wyatt, and this guy – [ Gesturing at his daemon, and therefore directly at the camera. ] – is Hunterd. Well, I guess you can't see him. Uh…oh, check this out.

[ He snags a handheld mirror from a bedstand nearby, and holds it up in front of Hunterd. It shows a daemon shaped like an enormous black wolf, easily twice the size of a regular wolf. Those of you who knew Wyatt's adoptive dad, Hunter, might think he looks familiar. After a few seconds, Wyatt lifts the mirror away and grins at the camera. ]

He's badass, right?! He's like a robowolf. I mean I guess you all have one of these but damn. Hunterd is a beast.

Anyways, we are brand new to Space Apocalypseland! Welcome to our first vlog. I'm calling this episode: What the fuck was up with New York, man?!

[ He holds up his hands. ]

Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Wyatt, don't be stupid, that was just some crazy dream', right? That's what I thought too, except!

[ He holds up one finger, then steps back, and pulls the gown off over his head. There's a square dressing over his ribs, which Wyatt peels back to reveal an ugly, jagged wound held together with stitches. He points at it. Exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen. ]

Check this out. Do you see the size of this thing? I think it's gonna scar!

[ Which he says like that's great news. He pats the dressing back over it and leans down towards the camera. If he's in pain, he's not showing it. ]

I ain't ever had a dream that did that. But for real, that shit was fucking crazy. How many of you had your powers switched? Cause, check that box for me, but also, they turned me human, and I'm a goddamn werewolf, guys. That's not cool. The hot guy who rescued me, though? He's cool. Man, if you're listening to this, I owe you one. I think you said your name was Jaden? Hold your hand up or something, I would literally be dead if it wasn't for you.

[ That's the most sincere Wyatt has sounded in this whole video, though he's actually been serious about everything. He doesn't put the gown back on, implying that he really does intend to film the rest of this in his underwear. He does move to sit on his hospital bed, though. He might look more energetic than he should, but that wound is still healing. ]

Next on my list: calling home. Does anyone know how we do that, cause Hunterd says he can't, and there's a bunch of people I know who need to get their asses here. It's important, I'm kind of a big deal.

[ Pause. ] I'm just kidding, but I do need to talk to them, so if you got tips, help, advice. Carrier pidgeon? I'll take it. I guess that's all. Come say hi, this place is fucking boring. I'm out!

[ He salutes the camera while it signs out. ]
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Preferred Alias: Shane
  1. I was a Viking, and I haven't completely shaken off my beliefs in the old gods.
  2. I currently have two husbands and one wife.
  3. My father is Merlin. It's very tiring at times.
One Of These Is A Lie
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Preferred Alias: kavinsky
  1. vex aint a cunt
  2. vex is a cunt
  3. vex is a cunt
One Of These Is A Lie

[someone just broke up with his boyfriend, you get one guess as to who!]
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[it's an odd combination of motivations that has janus sharing today. sometimes a mangling of boundaries is a good way of setting them.]


Preferred Alias: Alias here
  1. I can deconstruct an Oreo perfectly. I can separate both chocolate halves and the icing into three separate parts.
  2. I have a tattoo of Disney's Timon and Pumba.
  3. When I fell out of love the first time, everything changed because I came to understand that nothing changes. I was sad for years. When the sadness started to go, it left in starts and stops. Those moments of relief weren't because I had healed. It was only because I had forgotten for a short time that I had lost him. Every time I remembered, I lost him again. Often this would happen when I was dreaming. My mind tried to make sense of this by making up worlds where I could have what I wanted. But there is no such world. There is this world, and it is good enough.
One Of These Is A Lie

What's happened has happened poisons poured into the seas cannot be drained out again, but everything changes.